The world of Android


Android is most popular operating system for mobile now day’s. Android is basically developed in java language and founded by Android Inc. in Palo Alto, California in October 2003 by Rich Miner, Andy Rubin, Nick Sears & Chris White, which financially backed by Google and then bought it in 2005. It is basically based on Linux operating system and made for touch screen based smart mobile phones. The 1st Android based mobile phone was sold in October, 2008.


Android is one of the well known open sources and releases the code under the License named as apache. This open source permissive licensing and code permits the software to be freely customized & distributed by device manufacturers, enthusiast developers and wireless carriers.

There are so many versions of Android as follow:-

  • Android cupcake
  • Android donut
  • Android éclair
  • Android froyo
  • Android gingerbread
  • Android honeycomb
  • Android ice cream sandwich
  • Android jelly bean
  • Android kitkat

So let we start discuss about these all versions of Android from latest one:

Android KitKat

Android kitkat is the latest version of android operating system.  As we all know android’s all versions named on deserts name so this latest version named on famous chocolate kitkat. It launched on 3 September, 2013.



1.  Public API for developing and managing

2.  Text messaging clients

3.  Ability to specify a default SMS app


Android Jelly bean


Android Jelly bean released on 24 July, 2013 with various attractive features & a small bug fixing update was launched on 22 August 2013.



  1. Bluetooth low energy support.
  2. Bluetooth Video/audio Remote Control Profile 1.3 support.
  3. Open GL ES 3.0 support, permitting for better game graphics
  4. limited access mode for new user profiles
  5. File system write performance upgrading by running fstrim command while device is idle
  6. Improvements to Photo Sphere
  7. Dial pad auto-complete in the Phone app

Android ice cream sandwich

Ice cream

Ice Cream Sandwich is the Android codename based on dessert-themed for version 4.0 of Android mobile OS open source. Ice Cream sandwich released in October, 2011 as Google’s everywhere operating system for smart mobile phones, tablets & other mobile devices.

Android honeycomb

Honeycomb is Android’s 3.0 versions which entertain users with more attractive features.



  1. System Bar: it runs along with the bottom of the screen. It shows notifications, system information & navigational controls;
  2. Action Bar: it appears at the peak of the screen. Applications can modify the Action Bar for various uses, including navigation & widgets;
  3. A redesigned keyboard.
  4. Support for multi-core processors;
  5. Security improvements: such as encrypted storage & support for security code with multifaceted characters.


Android gingerbread

It released on 5 December 2010 with various features:


  1. Efficient user interface design with improved simplicity & speed
  2. Support for jumbo screen sizes & resolutions
  3. Quicker, more sensitive text input in virtual keyboard, with better accuracy, better optional text & voice input mode
  4. Improved copy-paste functionality, allowing clients to select a word by press-hold, copy, &paste

Android froyo



  1. Memory, Speed and performance optimizations.
  2. Additional apps speed enhancements, implemented through JIT compilation.
  3. Combination of Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine into the Browser app.
  4. Maintain for the Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) service, allowing push notifications.
  5. enhanced Microsoft Exchange support, as well as security policies, auto-discovery, calendar synchronization, GAL look-up & remote wipe
  6. better application launcher with shortcuts to Phone & Browser applications

Android éclair


Released on 26 October 2009 with features:


  1. Extended Account sync, enabling users to add many accounts to a device for synchronization of contacts and email.
  2. Microsoft switch email support, with shared inbox to browse email from many accounts in one page.
  3. Support Bluetooth 2.1.
  4. Capability to tap a Contacts photo & select to SMS, call, or email the person

Android donut


Released on 15, September 2009 with features:


  1. Text and voice entry search improved to include contacts, bookmark history,& the web.
  2. Capability for developers to contain their content in search results.
  3. Multi-lingual talking synthesis engine to permit any Android apps to speak a string of text.
  4. Easier searching & capability to view apps screenshots in Android Market

Android cupcake

Launch on 30, April 2009 with various features:cupcake

  1. Animated screen transitions.
  2. Auto-rotation option.
  3. New stock boot animation.
  4. Ability to upload videos to YouTube.
  5. Ability to upload photos to Picasa

Why should we hire a web development company?


Many times we want to make a website and we fully effort to build it but not get proficiency as we want. A website development is art of technology which cannot be acquired by anyone easily because it need so much practice and expertise. A best comfort website for your online trade may be increase your worth and growth.


If there are so many errors in your website then you may loss you’re so important contract because your online presentation through website represent what you are. If your website is so attractive and comfort to everyone’s eyes then you puts very effective impression on your client and other visitors of your website. So, it is necessary to build very effective, attractive and proficient website for promote your trade on internet because in this modern era most of people uses internet and it becomes very popular media of advertisement and promotion.

So, as we know that website should be attractive, full of features, error less and in a proper way, which should be puts a positive impact on visitors, and these all are possible to implement by an expert web developer, which can be hired through any web development company. So we all must hire a web development company to improve our online trade.

LG is going to launch Galaxy Grand rival in India


LG has disclosed a 5.5 inch phablet G Pro Lite. LG G Pro Lite’s highlighting attribute is the Stylus Pen, which has own slot in the cell & stereo speakers.

The phablet will released this month in USA, followed by China, Russia, India & various markets in the Middle – East and Asia. It will race against the likes of Micromax Canvas 4, Samsung Galaxy Grand, & Sony Xperia C in the domestic smart-phone marketplace.

An LG G Pro Lite sport has a 5.5-inch qHD LCD display powered by 1 GHz dual-core processor. It possesses 1GB RAM together with 8GB of onboard storage & also a micro SD card slot. It has an 8 Mega Pixel back camera & a 1.3 Mega Pixel front facing camera.

The gadget runs on Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) and comes in the choices of single or dual-SIM. While the single-SIM choice has a standard home button, the dual-SIM modification has an enthusiastic hot key for managing SIMs. The handset has a 3,140 Mah battery backup & has connectivity options such as USB 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0, A-GPS, 4G, 3G, & Wi-Fi Direct. It is of 9.4mm in thickness & weights about 161 gram.

This phablet has a number of pre-loaded apps which have been a component of the company’s flagship Optimus G Pro, & the latest G2. These take in the likes of KnockOn, Pause & Resume Recording, QuickMemo and QTranslator, QSlide. LG has not declared the device’s cost so far. The mobile will be offered in black & white color choices.

Why we should use precise Technology for web development?


Many times we cannot make a precise decision and choose wrong one, then after we feel repent. Yes, to choose a precise technology for your website is like that. If you want to promote your business on internet or want to be a part of online marketing and going to make a website for your trade then firstly you should have to know which technology is best and precise for your website.


Many times we consult web developers and they suggest us select one technology among various and in hurry we choose wrong one. So, today we will go to discuss about why we should choose best technology for website.

There are various reasons to choose best technology:

  • The choice of best technology for your solution make sure superior estimates for your project
  • It provides lesser cost to you
  • The solution takes lesser Time to Market
  • The developers have lesser coding effort, &  by extension lesser bugs introduced
  • The worth of your project deliverables progress greatly

So these are some reason for choosing precise technology for our website to give an untouchable height to our business and promote it through website but main thing is that people cannot determine a precise technology for their website so we will discuss on how to choose precise technology for website in next post.

Google Map Updated with Multiple Destination


Google Maps now drive you to multiple targeted destinations.  Yes, on Wednesday (9 October, 2013) it updates its feature with multiple destination by which you can now plan to stay to multiple destination with Google map.

It conveys the long requested numerous destination supports for walking, driving, & biking instructions. Once you get the update, you can hit a + icon (Plus icon) below your directions to include another destination.

As this Picture  indicates, multiple destinations actually was a feature in the earlier version of Google Maps, but show to have been detached with the most important update that was declare at Google I/O earlier this year.

The most recent update also consists of a future Events card when you look for entertainment venues, such as Birla auditorium in Jaipur, Big cinema hall in Mumbai. Clicking one of the presentations will take you to the website for the event.

Web Designing and Developing Companies in India


Now days, there are so many web designing and developing companies in India. Web designing and developing companies provides different applications and software, which are very demanding like mobile applications, Android, Java games and so many websites.

These types of companies provide applications which are based on latest technologies, which are growing at a faster rate because the user wants more user friendly and portable applications.

There are so many unemployed engineers, though we have vacancies in companies. As we know that, day to day latest technologies are coming in market so companies want its employee should be proficient and brilliant engineers. So most of the web designing and developing companies is giving a great opportunity to the fresher’s by providing them MCA live project training in Jaipur on the required applications/software in which the company currently working on like Android versions, template designing ,Wordpress, Joomla  etc. There are so many companies which provide MCA 6 month training in Jaipur, not only in development but also in SEO.

Most of the companies that wants its employee should be user friendly with WordPress. It’s good software mostly used for creating a blog. Blog sites are very demanding in the market because it helps to increase visitors and it is what every company wants.

Though there are so many companies in India but the leading companies belongs to abroad.

Training solutions for IT students


At present age IT field is most popular field in the world for making your bright and golden future. Although most companies provide MCA training in jaipur such as web development, software development and SEO training. Both of MCA passed and appearing students can apply for the training. After taking a training students will become IT professional and as experienced so after that he or she can apply for job in MNC and leading companies. One can get the best knowledge of website development to be placed in top leadings companies.

There are so many MCA internship company in jaipur which are providing knowledge of php, joomla, wordpress , drupal etc. which are web development content management system. By using that content management system students can develop the different kinds of websites. Such as ecommerce, blog websites, single page or one page website.

In web design and development training following contents are included:-

  • Html
  • CSS
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Flash
  • Core PHP
  • Different CMS such as joomla, wordpress, drupal etc

Ecommerce websites are most popular and appreciate for online shopping. Single page or one page site also most popular these days because it’s so easy and meaningful to understand and change the contents of that site.