How to find IP address of Laptop/PC


In the present era, the world is rapidly growing with technology like this is very common to hear that kinds of words like IP address. IP address is very common word which we use in general days when use our device. It is a physical address of a device which require for many purpose like when you want to add your device in any network or internet then IP address of your device must require. But Most of us do not know that how to find IP address of a Pc or Laptop. If you do not know then how will you add your device to any network or internet or you may fell your device incomplete at many place where IP address require but you do not have to worry because in this post we learn how to find IP address of our laptop or Pc.

These are some simple steps have to follow to find IP address of a device:-

  • Open command Prompt
  • Write simple command >> ipconfig/all it views like as:  C:\Document and Settings>ipconfig/all
  • You will find list of all addresses related to your device like wireless network address, Ethernet adapter address etc.
  • Choose Physical address of wireless network because it is IP address of your device.

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