Google Map Updated with Multiple Destination


Google Maps now drive you to multiple targeted destinations.  Yes, on Wednesday (9 October, 2013) it updates its feature with multiple destination by which you can now plan to stay to multiple destination with Google map.

It conveys the long requested numerous destination supports for walking, driving, & biking instructions. Once you get the update, you can hit a + icon (Plus icon) below your directions to include another destination.

As this Picture  indicates, multiple destinations actually was a feature in the earlier version of Google Maps, but show to have been detached with the most important update that was declare at Google I/O earlier this year.

The most recent update also consists of a future Events card when you look for entertainment venues, such as Birla auditorium in Jaipur, Big cinema hall in Mumbai. Clicking one of the presentations will take you to the website for the event.


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