How to delete a facebook account


 Now days, Facebook is most popular social networking site. Facebook was started in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college friends and roommates and till now it has 500 million users and 250 million user login into their account on face book each day.

Facebook is very popular so most of us use it every day and many of us make multiple account on it and then want to delete one of them but they don’t know how to delete  or  many people make their account on it and then after they found it useless and want to delete facebook account. So, for those kinds of persons here is the simplest procedure to delete facebook account:-

There are 2 ways to delete Facebook account. The 1st   one is by submitting a form. It’s very speedy and easy method then other one. The 2nd is to send email to Facebook.

For 1st method follow below Steps:

  • Firstly you’ll required to right click on your profile logo

  • After click on logo you will find many option there click on “account setting”.

  • After redirect to account setting on left side you will find many option but you will required to select “security”.
  • After redirect to another page you will find a option on bottom which show “Deactivate your account” click it.

  • After click on delete account it ask you reason to delete account choose one of them and click on ” confirm”.

  • After choosing any of one reason you require to fill your password fill it and  type security question ask to you and click on “OK”.
  • Now your account is deleted from facebook.

For 2nd Delete via email method:-

If you would like to use another technique to delete your facebook account then, you can mail an email to their envoy at


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