IT companies struggle to find brilliant engineers


Now days, in a survey it is uncovered that IT companies struggling to find brilliant and proficient engineer in India. As we see in current circumstance India’s universities churn out Lacks of computer science and IT engineers every year, but the budding software products industry in the nation still get it difficult to hire the excellent kind of talent.

As the Rs 6.2 lakh crore IT industries seeks to plan a new course by promoting software product companies, there is rising consciousness that the talent available – though capable for the services segment – is not truly appropriate for product companies.

The trouble is very genuine. While we have huge number of engineers, there is a solemn deficiency of quality & class engineers. In a survey it is found that Most of engineers of country are skilled to do only what they are ask to do. They are not thoughts imaginatively or about industry requirements. Those holistic talents are lacking. So it became Headache for IT recruiters to find brilliant talent in software field for IT industries in India. It is very serious problem for future of our country and we should take accurate step to resolve out that problem for bright future of our country.


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