Google Hummingbird Algorithm


Yes, It is quite interesting to hear that Google introduced his new search algorithm updation named as “Hummingbird”.  On his 15th Birthday 27 September, 2013 Google announce to update his search strategy with new algorithm hummingbird. The system it makes use to sort through all the data or information it has when you search your query & come back with reply. It’s name “Hummingbird”.

What is a “search algorithm”?

 “Search algorithm” refers to a strategy or technique used by search engines like Google, Bing etc. to make the answer for people’s query precise and user-friendly.

What is a “Hummingbird”?

It is the name of the latest search algorithm afer panda and penguin that Google to provide more proficient and precise search results for user’s query, & Google says should return better results.

Why it is named Hummingbird?

Google told that the name come from being “precise & fast.”



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